Sunday, January 22, 2012

MSTA Director: Tenure petition supporters playing games with teachers' careers

In a Jan. 20 action bulletin, Missouri State Teachers Association Executive Director Kent King explains teacher tenure and the new petition effort to eliminate it.

MSTA opposes this petition and any attempt to eliminate teacher tenure. Teachers play a vital role in educating students and must be protected from arbitrary terminations to do their jobs properly.

Teacher tenure at the K-12 level in Missouri is unrelated to the tradition of giving college professors permanent employment, says MSTA Executive Director Kent King. Tenure in Missouri does not guarantee that teachers cannot be fired, but provides teachers due process when faced with job-threatening accusations. Tenure does not bar diligent administrators from removing incompetent teachers.

"The supporters of this petition are playing a political game with the careers of professional educators in Missouri and the sad reality is they don't have a strong grasp on the rules of the game," King says. "If anything, the protections given to Missouri teachers should be stronger.'

Ellinger has represented two groups financed by Rex Sinquefield, a Missouri resident who has fought teacher tenure. Ellinger has said Sinquefield supports his petition but is not involved in leading the effort, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Anonymous said...

I use to be a strong supporter of teacher tenure, however, I have changed my mind.

My son was a "victim" of a first grade teacher that was worthless as a teacher. Fellow teachers knew it, the administration knew it and most people in the community knew it, but she was as safe as a baby in its mothers arms. Some other teacher volunteered to help him, know what problems the old girl created.

She has since gone on to the big faculty meeting in the sky, but not without first hurting a lot of young lives, right at a time when they should be able to love school.

Don't leave out administration, we had one of them in High School that was an A$$ hole and seemed to be proud of it. There is absolutely non sense in this type teacher. Therefore, I once again believe in holding them accounting and fire their worthless butts.
David Rust

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you that the 1st grade teacher you speak of would not have been safe in every district. Administrators have the power to fire tenured teachers if they have "just cause". I know of tenured teachers who have lost their jobs. Incompetent administrators keep incompetent teachers in the classroom, not tenure laws.