Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lamar legislator files bill allowing teachers, administrators to carry guns

More guns. That seems to be the answer to everything that ails us, according to some of the legislation filed in the Missouri House of Representatives.

The latest example is HB 70, sponsored by Rep. Mike Kelley, R-Lamar, a legislator who is not an extremist by any means (a refreshing change considering the last two decades of Republican representatives from Lamar). The text of the bill, which was prefiled today, just four days after the mass murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has not been posted online, but its description is as follows:

Allows teachers and school administrators to carry concealed firearms on school premises if they have a valid concealed carry endorsement

Is that really the best we can do to protect the children in our schools? Armed resource officers in the buildings sounds like a far better solution to me. The last thing I want in Missouri schools is to have teachers and administrators carrying guns.

I await the criticism from the guns solve everything extremists.


Anonymous said...

Are these people nucking futs?

Amy said...

The day teachers start to carry concealed weapons is the day I pull my kids out of school and homeschool. This is a sad and scary response. I truly hope we can do better than a wild, wild west scenario in the halls of our schools.

Rick Nichols said...

In the good ol' days the "teacher's pet" was the boy or girl who was believed to be getting some special attention and/or treatment from his or her instructor. In the future the term may be a reference to that rapid-fire pistol the teacher keeps in a handbag in the top right hand drawer of her desk ... just in case.