Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Roy Blunt: Our gun laws aren't going to change

It is not that I expected Sen. Roy Blunt to be a leader in an effort to find a reasonable way of dealing with the high-powered weapons that have been used in mass murders across this country, but apparently the only change Blunt thinks is needed is to find a better way to deal with the mentally ill. According to Blunt, there won't be any changes in the current gun laws:

Gun ownership "is an important right, and it is in the Constitution," Blunt said Monday, according to the Kansas City Star. "These laws are not going to change in the near future."
New gun control legislation certainly wouldn't have Blunt's vote. He favors efforts aimed at "encouraging state and local agencies to share information about mental illness and mentally-ill patients," according to the Star.
"I'm sure I would vote against anything that impacts, in a negative way, the Second Amendment," Blunt said.  

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