Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA's Wayne LaPierre: Put an armed guard in every school in the U. S.

In his press conference (not much of a press conference, the coward didn't take any questions), NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre urged Congress to put armed guns in every school in the United States and use the NRA's training programs, including the one Missouri Sen. Dan Brown wants every first grader to take.

The only thing LaPierre said does not mention is the problem with the gun culture that he enables. His solution to fight guns with more and more guns.


Anonymous said...

It was kinda like an Obama press conference.

I prefer the recommendation of having the lesbian coach with a CCW permit; armed; trained; and, with no hesitation to blow off the head of a male intruder. Now that's a security plan.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid we have reached the peak of our evolution. We appear to be becoming less civil.

Anonymous said...

Open carry everywhere. Except the NRA headquarters?