Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MoDOT issues travel advisory for Thursday

(From the Missouri Department of Transportation)

Wet pavement may begin to become slippery beginning around 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. Thursday morning when it's predicted the rain will begin changing over to snow.
Snowfall predictions are indicating an inch of snow in counties north of the I-44 corridor, with a dusting south of I-44.

Travel Conditions: Drivers should be prepared for suddenly changing road conditions early Thursday morning as the cold air from the north begins to push southward and rain changes to snow. Also, visibility may be reduced due to blowing snow due to high winds:
1. Use extra caution and DRIVE ACCORDING TO CONDITIONS. It's easier to accelerate than it is to stop on slippery pavement.
2. Watch for snow plows and be prepared to stay back at least 100 feet so they can work and to keep salt from hitting your vehicle.
3. Remember that bridge floors will freeze first and could become slippery unexpectedly as temperatures drop.
Road Clearing: MoDOT crews will begin arriving in maintenance facilities throughout the Southwest District beginning at midnight Wednesday night. They are prepared to spread salt to treat slick areas. Crews will work round-the-clock spreading salt and other materials to keep the main roads driveable until the storm ends.

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