Monday, December 17, 2012

Sarah Steelman will seek 8th District Congressional seat

Sarah Steelman has tossed her hat in the ring and will seek the 8th District Congressional seat being vacated by the resignation of JoAnn Emerson:

Steelman addressed SarahNET Radio listeners directly saying, "I am excited about this opportunity to serve the people and want you all to know that I am actively seeking the nomination from the 8th District Congressional Committee."

"I respect and love the strong independent minded people of the 8th," Steelman said. "They are fighters and so am I."

"We know that the fiscal crisis in our country is hurting our families," Steelman said. She also vowed to return power into the "hands of the people."

Mrs. Steelman's weekly Steel Resolve radio message on Sarah Palin's radio network accompanies this post.


Anonymous said...

Sarah is a good little gal, but, she suffers from the Gary Nodler loser's syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Guess it must be a good thing Abraham Lincoln suffered from the same syndrome.

•1831 - Lost his job
•1832 - Defeated in run for Illinois State Legislature
•1833 - Failed in business
•1834 - Elected to Illinois State Legislature (success)
•1835 - Sweetheart died
•1838 - Defeated in run for Illinois House Speaker
•1843 - Defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress
•1846 - Elected to Congress (success)
•1848 - Lost re-nomination
•1849 - Rejected for land officer position
•1854 - Defeated in run for U.S. Senate
•1856 - Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President
•1858 - Again defeated in run for U.S. Senate
•1860 - Elected President (success)

Sarah is the obvious choice for the Missouri Republican party to fill this seat. She's conservative, she's a woman, and she has the name ID to handidly defeat the democrat opponent. You would think after the Akin debacle the GOP would want to mend their image among women and fiscal conservatives by backing this woman. Take the steps to show that the Republican Party isn't arcaic and instead is willing to focus on the real issues that affect your average Joe and get away from the ancient republican talking points. The party has never backed Sarah and the party has always lost, maybe they have your so called "Gary Nodler Syndrome."

Anonymous said...

The 8th District deserves someone from the 8th District and understands our issues.
Knowing the folks of the 8th, they will insist upon this.