Friday, December 21, 2012

Gun supporting reader: Turner needs to be exterminated

Apparently, at least one gun enthusiast has an extreme idea of what to do with anyone who suggests it is time for eliminating high-powered weapons that are not needed for protection or sport- get rid of the messenger. The comment, which was left as a response to my post "No Guns For This Teacher, Not Now, Not Ever," is printed below.

And you wonder why a number of us ordinary citizens don't want your kind teaching our children and deciding what rights we need to give up because you don't want for us to have them? To us, listening to your lies, is like listening to a criminal rationalization as to how you justify getting to do whatever you want to us.

Connecticut is a place with the kind of gun laws and taxes and beliefs that your kind would find more congenial than having to live here amongst us. That's why your kind needs to live with your own kind and to be sent away from those of us and our kind who believe in freedom for ourselves, alone. I don't have anything to do with what happened in Connecticut. I think what happened there is nothing more than one sick animal doing whatsoever it wanted to do to an entire herd of sick diseased animals that agreed that their misbegotten lives were valueless to any whackjob with the means to harvest them away whenever the mood took him. Thus what happened there has no more to do with me and mine than what happens in Mexico or Somalia or China or Africa someplace. I'm in no way responsible for what sick diseased animals do to each other way off where they live according to their own lights and rules. What works or doesn't work for them is of no account to me.

I look at your blog and there simply isn't any living in peace with you and your kind. Our children and tax dollars and freedoms don't exist for you to tell us what we need to do with them, or for you to get to decide on how we live our lives. There simply is no living with some self-righteous moralistic thief and tyrant wanting to tell us that they know what is best for us in a community which is alien to yourself. Soon the only solution which will work is for your separation or extermination in order to keep such as yourself from those of us wanting nothing to do with the likes of yourself. 


Shelley said...

Link to story with original comment

Randy said...

I thought I had. Thanks for mentioning it. I have provided the link.

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of right wing nut cases we are living with. There out there and waiting to pull their trigger.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that those whose views on gun control are in the minority want the majority to change or leave the country.
Maybe they need to re-evaluate their position. Just maybe, they might be more happy living in some other country. There are several countries where they could own any gun of choice and shoot anyone they wanted. Wouldn't that be a nice place to live.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Somalia. No gun laws at all and an unregulated free market. I think the author would be happy there and I know I'd like to see him there.