Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Joplin Globe state house correspondent: I'm not a blogger; I'm a journalist

In today's Joplin Globe, Editor Carol Stark announces, as most of us expected, that Eli Yokley, 20, Webb City, author of the PoliticMo blog, will be the newspaper's statehouse correspondent for the coming session, the first the Globe has had since Jim Wolfe died.

Though he started with the Joplin Fuse blog and then PoliticMo, apparently blogging may be a bit beneath Yokley's station at this point:

Yokley, 20, a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is a full-time college student and heads the blog PoliticMo. It has been ranked as one of the nation’s best blogs for state politics by The Washington Post.
Yokley said he does not think of himself so much as a blogger, but as a journalist.
In a recent interview, Yokley said: “Whenever I think ‘blogger,’ I think of partisan guys who sit in their basements and yell about things from the left or right. That’s not what I do.”


Rick Nichols said...

We shall see. As they say, especially this time of the year, the proof is in the pudding.

Anonymous said...

I like Eli-Eli-Yo. Met him during the 2010 Congressional Primary and found him to be a young, energetic, self-misle, college kid without a clue, but, with potential.

Will he challenge the status quo? Nope.

Anonymous said...

He'll do a great job! Perhaps he'll even have the opportunity to hold the Good Ole Boys club of SWMO reps accountable.