Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pay wall coming to Joplin Globe

The decision has not been announced as of yet, but any time a newspaper company starts "experimenting" with a pay wall on some of its websites, it won't be long before all of its newspapers have one.

We saw that earlier this year with Gannett and the Springfield News-Leader and it won't be long before the same thing happens with the Joplin Globe.

Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc., the company which owns the Globe, has started "experimenting" with pay walls with some of its newspapers in Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Most of the pay walls, including the one at the News-Leader, allow readers to read a certain number of articles for free each month before charging.


Rick Nichols said...

The Star implemented a Pay Wall, Kansas City Plus, this past Wednesday. I haven't seen anything on the early results.

Anonymous said...

Use at least 3 browsers. When you reach the max on one, go to the other browser, use that max and go to the third. By then you can start over with the first one. Google does not send info that it can track you as far as I know. Its a ripoff. I pay $60 a month for internet access and I'll be damned if I will pay a newspaper for reading their column. Watch the TV stations news online and sooner or later you will see the same thing for free.

Their printed rags are doing so poorly they can't stay in business, thanks to their ability to not gather news.