Wednesday, November 20, 2013

KMBC reports on Common Core fails to mention opposition to it

One of my biggest complaints about television coverage of education is that the reporters don't understand education and they can led by the nose by administrators who overwhelm them with educational jargon and terms like "rigor" and "best practices."

The dictionary definition of rigor is "harsh, unyielding," which does not sound like something you want to have associated with the education of American children. Those who are running our schools, however, don't have time to look in the dictionary once they have decided on the word they are going to use.

Earlier this month, I criticized the report by KOAM's Lisa Olliges on Common Core Standards because it gave short shrift to the opposition (as I noted, many educators are opposed to Common Core, but do not dare to speak out against it if they want to hold on to their jobs).

Ms. Olliges' report, however, is Emmy-worthy when compared to the accompanying report from KMBC, which fails to mention that Common Core Standards are controversial and will likely be one of the major education topics during the 2014 Missouri legislative session.

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Anonymous said...

Randy - You are so full of hate and revenge that causes you to KNOW reporters don't understand what they are talking about on education. But you do, of course. I'm sure you would like their job so you could report on this issue without bias. How boring that only Randy knows everything. No one else has a brain. You sound like Obama--knows everything but is such a failure..It's my way or the highway.