Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Retired Teachers Association warns about Sinquefield petitions

(From Missouri Retired Teachers Association)

Please beware of people asking you to sign either of two petitions being circulated regarding education. MRTA strongly opposes these petitions. Please spread the word to family friends and education personnel to NOT sign these petitions. SPEAK UP! AND JUST SAY NO! There are three testimonials below for your information. Thank you.
Jim Kreider
Executive Director MRTA
#1) Rex Sinquefield and his groups are collecting signatures to put a Constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2014.  This amendment will impact teachers directly as: Tenure will no longer be in place. Over 50% of all evaluations MUST be based on student test scores. Not meeting required test scores will result in termination and the amendment prohibits any lawsuits to challenge this reason for termination.  This is the same education reform as HB 631 from the 2013 Legislative Session. 
The second initiative is referred to as The Children's Education Initiative .
**This item will take $90 Million from public education in the first year alone.  This is a "voucher" (or tax credits) initiative to put tax dollars into private schools. 
MRTA, MSTA, and MNEA are working together to stop these petitions which are detrimental  to public education and teachers.  The Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) and Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) are also working against these petitions.
Nancy Craig
MRTA Region 8 Vice President
#2)  Just a reminder as we gather with family members and friends from all over the state, watch out for petitions supposedly for education and DO NOT SIGN.  At this busy time of the year, we all need to be aware that Rex Sinquefield's group is planning to get an amendment to the MO Constitution (for education) on the 2014 ballot by petition.  Let your friends and family members know how detrimental this would be to public education and be watchful for any petitions "for education".
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda Greeson
Region 7  Legislative Chair
#3) Most definitely they are getting signatures already.  We had a speaker in our church 2 weeks ago who asked us to sign it - my husband and I did not sign it, but most did.  They simply passed the papers around-I think people felt pressured to sign it.  We belong to the Catholic Church - our Jefferson City diocese is definitely pushing it.  I'd say MRTA (and MSTA!) had better be getting the word out!!!
Doris Hickman
MRTA Member -  Monroe/Shelby RTA

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