Monday, November 25, 2013

Post-Dispatch: Unions were out to get Ferguson-Florissant superintendent

Today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a strange story that indicates that Ferguson-Florissant Superintendent Art McCoy is currently suspended, not because attendance records appear to have been falsified,

That is not even mentioned in the story until the 30th paragraph and that is the only paragraph in which it is mentioned.

The story concentrates on how McCoy's actions have not set well with teacher unions and how his board of education has problems with him saying and doing things that are not in line with their thinking.

Silly me. I thought that boards of education were supposed to be the bosses and the superintendent is an employee. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch appears to want the Ferguson-Florrisant school to be more like Joplin.

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Anonymous said...

There was no report of the attendance issue until AFTER McCoy had been suspended. If you really want to comment intelligently on this story you might also want to review the account in the St. Louis American. Don't try and make this issue some how related to your vilification of the Joplin school district.