Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Americans for Prosperity praises Senate for passing right to work bill

(From Americans for Prosperity Missouri)

Just a few weeks after the Missouri State House passed paycheck protection with a veto-proof majority, late last night the Senate passed the legislation that will eventually go to Gov. Nixon's desk. In reaction to the vote, AFP Missouri Deputy State Director Rachel Payton has released the following statement:

"It is a momentous day for Missouri workers. After the overwhelming support for the paycheck protection bill in the House, it only made sense for the Senate to listen to constituents asking for fairness in the workplace. Our organization has been sure to educate Missourians on the importance of passing this bill and hundreds of our activists contacted their legislators to tell them to support this bill. It is great to see the grassroots play a major role in this fight and we are so happy to see the legislature take this important step towards more labor reform. This is however, just a small step in getting us on a path to more fairness. We will continue to fight to bring Right to Work and other labor reforms to the Show Me State."

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Anonymous said...

Payton is a lying POS! The only constituents she is representing are the likes of Rex Sinquefield, and David Humpfries to further reduce pay for workers so they can pad their bank accounts. Keep stepping on the little guy, they can't fight back. Republican legislators keep trying to ram this down your throats. Change the name of the bill from Right to Work, thinking themselves clever. Prostitutes to big business is more accurate. Expect another veto, I hope they can't get enough votes to override it.