Thursday, September 05, 2019

Probable cause- Armed and dangerous suspect shot at Fairview man after stealing items worth $270 from his home

The armed and dangerous Granby man being sought by Newton County authorities was caught redhanded in the act of leaving a Fairview man's property after stealing $270 worth of items, according to a probable cause statement filed today in Newton County Circuit Court.

Jason Arthur Duncan, 32, got out of his car and shot at the property owner following a vehicle pursuit and a crash, according to the statement.

The Newton County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed five felony charges against Duncan- robbery, assault, burglary and two counts of armed criminal action.

At the time of the incident, Duncan was already facing charges of stealing and assault in Neosho Municipal Court.

The probable cause statement in the current case is printed below:

The place of the criminal offense as definitely as I can state was at 29471 Highway HH, Fairview, Newton County, Missouri.

The facts supporting this belief are as follows:

The victim, Richard Rawlins, lives at 29471 Highway HH. Mr. Rawlins returned home and found a red Nissan passenger car parked behind his house.

Mr. Rawlins stated the car then drove between his truck and a fence and hit his truck and the fence post while fleeing.

Mr. Rawlins stated he followed the car. Mr Rawlins stated he hit the red car in the front. A white male wearing a gray tee, short brown hair and tattoos on both arms got out of the car and told Mr. Rawlins that he did not take anything.

Mr. Rawlins stated that the male subject got back in the car and took off. Mr. Rawlins continued to follow the red car. The car then stopped in the middle of the road. Mr. Rawlins slammed into the back of the red car. 

Mr. Rawlins stated the male subject then reached into the red car, grabbed a handgun and started shooting at him. Mr. Rawlins stated one of the bullets hit the driver side mirror of his truck.

The male subject then got back into the red Nissan and sped off. Mr. Rawlins followed the red Nissan until it crashed on Norway Road near Highway H. The male subject ran from the crash and was not located.

Inside the vehicle were several items Mr. Rawlins said belonged to him- two dollar bills and a bag of coins that were in his daughter's room, a pair of pants that were in the laundry room and a black backpack. Mr Rawlins state the value of the items is $270.

A check of the vehicle came back to Jason A. Duncan. Sgt. Frazier with the Missouri State Highway Patrol showed Mr. Rawlins the Department of Revenue picture of Jason Duncan and Mr. Rawlins stated, "Yes, that looks like him."

A photo lineup was completed by Missouri Information Analysis Center. Detective Morgan took the lineup to Mr. Rawlins who identified Jason Duncan in the man in the red Nissan.


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Yep, they walk amongst us.