Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Probable cause: Arsonist arrested for series of Liberal fires threatened to cut off partner's other hand or kill him

The probable cause statement in the six arson charges against two Liberal men, indicate one of them threatened to cut off his partner's other hand, but also provided a second option.

Nathan Jones, 27, Liberal, told Barton County Deputy Sheriff Will Weiser that his co-defendant Thomas Ingram, 24, Liberal, (photo at left) he was with Ingram and "Ingram had threatened to cut off his other hand or kill him."

The two men are charged with arson and burglary in crimes in connection with fires at the following locations, all in Liberal:

-September 16- The old Liberal R-2 School District bus barn at 107 S. Payne

-September 20- An unoccupied home at 309 Walser Street

-September 15- A shed in the back yard at 401 Walser Street

-September 19- An unoccupied home at 300 Fishback Street

-August 2- An unoccupied home at 205 Denton Street

-September 22- The old Liberal School, which had been used as an elementary gymnasium at 101 S. Payne

The probable cause statement indicates Jones told Weiser he and Ingram entered the old school building Sunday.

Jones stated Ingram ran upstairs and ignited a fire. then ran downstairs and yelled for him to get out of the building, with both men heading in opposite directions as they fled the crime scene.

Barton County Circuit Court records indicate arson fires are nothing new for Ingram, who already was awaiting trial for allegedly setting four other fires at the following locations:

-June 25- A garage at 205 North Denton

-July 3- a vacant home at 206 North Main

-July 4- A garage at 206 N. Main

-July 10- A vacant home at 204 N. Denton


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