Friday, December 21, 2012

Bill would lower conceal-carry age in Missouri from 21 to 19

Only a few months have passed since the age at which Missourians can receive a conceal/carry permit was lowered from 23 to 21.

If Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger, R-Lake St. Louis, has his way, that age will drop two more years next August 28. HB 92, prefiled today, would lower the conceal/carry age from 21 to 19.

We might as well just drop the nonsense and lower the age to six and save future legislators debate time. On the other hand, would the people who favor this be satisfied with six?


Anonymous said...

Why not,when I came back from Viet Nam (after a year) I wasn't old enough to vote or drink!

Anonymous said...

Neuroscience shows that brains aren't fully developed in males at age 18 or 19. This is the reason they make excellent infantry soldiers. Tell a bunch of age 35 guys to assault a hill of bunkers and they'd probably suggest you just wait for the Air Force. But since you think they should carry guns to their frat parties and proms, why not just go ahead and lower the age to 5.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes brains of our representatives never seem to fully develop either.

UCM Criminal Justice Major said...

I am extremely offended as to the ignorance of some of the older people who feel that there is a problem with this change. I am a 20 year old criminal justice major, along with many other 19-20 year olds who are some of the best shooters in the nation, we attend UCM and shoot for the best professional criminal justice fraternity 11 years running. CCW courses would still be required, and frankly you all should be more concerned about the PROFICCIENCY requirements over the AGE requirements for CCW certifications, because I can promise you that there are many people that have their ccw that handle their firearms more inadequately compared to us 19-20 year olds, when we start talking about 15-16 fine, but 18-20 year olds with obvious shooting proficiency shouldn't be limited because people who don't shoot firearms think that age has anything to do with being mature with a firearm.

Anonymous said...

Your age has nothing to do with your decision making capabilities, regardless of what science tries to tell us now. Irresponsible young men is a RECENT phenomenon, mostly due to the breakdown of the family and society's ridiculously low expectations.
History shows that young men are perfectly capable of making wise decisions and able to handle large responsibilities at very young ages. Perhaps they are more inclined to take risks, but where in the hell, may I ask, would we be without the young men to take those risks?
I really don't care what the law says about firearms, because I do not listen anyways. The 2nd amendment says "shall not be infringed" which means that absolutely NO law shall be passed regarding firearms whatsoever, to include what types f small arms and ammo I can buy.
P.S. bought my first handgun at 17 (cash talks) Never shot anyone, committed a crime or destroyed anything, 19 now and I still have it.
It is how a boy is raised that makes all the difference.

Shane Pruett said...

If 18 year olds are trusted to be in the military and make critical decisions like pull the trigger then there should be nothing stopping them from making the same decision back here. And the amount of maturity difference in the brain from 18 to 23 is inconsequential.

Anonymous said...

Hardcore liberal views everywhere. Remember back in the day anybody and everybody had guns.