Saturday, August 05, 2006

Super lobbyist Gallagher pouring money into Loudon campaign

More than $10,000 in campaign contributions made to the state auditor campaign of Sen. John Loudon in the first five days of August has links to superlobbyist Harry Gallagher.
Today, according to documents filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, Loudon received $1,125 from the Alliance for Business & Technical Education and $1,125 from Citizens for New Health Care Concepts.
Both organizations were formed Nov. 2, 2005, with two lobbyists from Gallagher's firm, Jodi Winegar and Sean Gallagher, serving as treasurer and deputy treasurer of the Alliance for Business & Technical Education, and Donna Schellman as treasurer and Harry Gallagher as deputy treasurer of Citizens for New Health Care Concepts.
On Aug. 2, Loudon received $7,700 from the 29th Senate District Republican Committee...a committee which only had $2,350 in the bank on July 31, according to its Ethics Commission filing. The only contribution the committee had received in the previous four months was $1,000 from the Alliance for Elderly Health Care, which has Sean Gallagher as its treasurer and Jodi Winegar as its deputy treasurer.
So far, the 29th Senate District Committee has not filed a report since the eight days before the election report to indicate the source of the money it contributed to the Loudon campaign.
The Aug. 2 report also indicated Loudon received $1,250 from Competitive Enterprise Growth PAC, which Ethics Commission documents indicate was formed only five days earlier, but has already had quite an impact on Missouri politics. The political action committee has had only one contribution, but it was a big one- $27,000 from Glazer's Wholesale Drug, a Dallas-based company which distributes liquor, beer, and wines. Donna Schellman is listed as the treasurer for Competitive Enterprise Growth. Not so coincidentally, Glazer's registered lobbyists in Missouri, according to Ethics Commission documents are Harry Gallagher, Sean Gallagher, and Jodi Winegar.
Competitive Enterprise Growth, the Alliance for Business & Technical Education, and Citizens for New Health Care Concepts, all share the same 101 E. High Street, Jefferson City address, that is the home for Harry Gallagher's lobbying firm. Gallagher's long list of clients, in addition to Glazer's, includes R. J. Reynolds, the Poultry Federation, and Missouri Insurance Coalition.

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