Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blunt applauds president's veto of stem cell bill

Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt issued the following statement today following President Bush's veto, for the second time, of a bill that would have allowed embryonic stem cell research:

"The president today rightly exercised his veto on an embryonic stem cell bill that should have never gotten as far as it did. But Democrats chose to advance it anyway -- knowing full well that ethical forms of stem cell research not only exist, but are actually being used to effectively treat patients right now. It's research that puts patients before politics -- and it's why a huge swath of this Congress and our country supports it.

"I was also delighted the president this afternoon signed an executive order supporting research into pluripotent stem cells -- which new studies have shown to be a very promising approach to finding life-saving cures for debilitating diseases.

"The president hasn't seen many bills reach his desk this Congress, and even fewer have become law. This bill will be no different in that regard. House Republicans have demonstrated on several occasions our capacity to uphold the president's veto if this bill were ever returned. And if called upon to demonstrate that once again, we won't hesitate to do it."

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Anonymous said...

I can only hope the mighty Blunts will someday fall victim to an illness that this stem cell research could have helped or possibly even cured. Their fate will be lie in the gutter just outside the emergency room and watch the buzzards circle.

"They don't mean any harm" certainly doesn't apply to these people. They are against any program that might help mankind. This administration has not done one thing for the good of the people. In fact they have put their foot on the throat of the less fortunate at every opportunity.

They are only there for their own personal gains. And they call their selves "godly" people. Perhaps its only hide behind the bible, and hope no one remembers at election.