Friday, June 29, 2007

Nodler says he plans to work hard on budget committee

During a news conference today at the Joplin Airport, Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, was officially tabbed as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, according to a post on KY3 Political Blog:

The powerful chairmanship will give the Joplin Republican significant influence on the state's annual $20 billion dollar budget.

Nodler announced the Senate Appropriations Committee will formally begin work with a series of public hearings in December, earlier than in the past.

“The budget process is demanding and time consuming, but it is also the most important and only constitutional requirement the General Assembly must perform each year,” said Nodler at a press event today in Joplin.

In another related development, no one really cares who called the press conference. (See comments on the earlier Nodler story announcing the press conference if you don't understand the reference.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Gary. It's a big job, filled with pitfalls. I hope you can avoid most of them. I know there are critics who will complain if you wear a blue suit instead of a brown one. Just keep your eye on the job and it will work out. Many of us are rooting for you in this big responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Good job Randy. You crack me up with your wittiness and I mean it with all sincerity.

As for anonymous, we are just very glad that he wears clothing, don't really care what color it is. That head with that body....yuck.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean he will be too busy to mess with legislation concerning Independent Candidates?