Friday, June 29, 2007

Globe: Pickup still at large

The Joplin Globe has posted an update on former Neosho police officer Justin Pickup, who faces a misdemeanor charge for his alleged role in the death of Kassie Schenck, 16, of Neosho on Dec. 21, 2006:

Pickup left the state soon after he was linked to Schenck’s death, authorities said.

Capt. Richard Leavens, with the Sheriff’s Department, said, “We tried to contact his attorney today (Friday) to see if he could convince Pickup to turn himself in.” But, the attorney was not available.

“We plan to work through his attorney if we can,’’ he said. “If we can’t, we have some good ideas about where we can find him (Pickup).’’

Pickup’s attorney is C. Ross Rhoades, of Neosho. It is believed that Pickup is in Oklahoma, Leavens said.

The Globe story also notes that Miss Schenck's family is not happy about the attorney general's decision to file only a misdemeanor charge since the attorney general has evidence that Pickup bought vodka and gave it to Miss Schenck shortly before she was killed in a one-car accident.

The Globe provided this link to probable cause documents filed in Newton County Circuit Court.

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