Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sometimes governors say the stupidest things

You read the headline and you probably expected me to be writing something about Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, but this post has nothing to do with him.
In the Wednesday Turner Report, it was noted that Daisy its closing its plant in Neosho and moving its assembly operation to Rogers, Ark.

That was news was greeted thusly by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, according to an article in the Wednesday Springdale Morning News:

"The fact that the company has decided to return speaks volumes for the community's dedicated hard-working people."

Now is Gov. Beebe saying that Neosho, Missouri does not have hard working people or that Arkansas residents work harder than Missourians. Anyone with common sense knows that Daisy officials moved the assembly lines back to Arkansas for one reason and one reason alone- they can make more money.

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Anonymous said...

Now why on earth should we think you are saying something negative about Matt Blunt? After all, you are a reporter and reporters only report the news, not add their personal commments.

I'm shocked, completely shocked to think you would even consider making personal comments in your news reports!