Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ozarks Politics turns spotlight on Goodman

In its week-long series on what it calls "wingnuts" in the Missouri Senate, Ozarks Politics turned its focus today on Sen. Jack Goodman:

Goodman's election to the state senate is an interesting story itself. Goodman was selected to be the GOP candidate after the passing of Larry Gene Taylor (the son of former congressman Gene Taylor), but not after some controversy as some in the district favored Taylor's widow to take the seat. The 29th Senatorial is one of the safest GOP seats in the state, yet Goodman was perceived as such a weak candidate that the party spent an estimated $300k to insure a win.

The blog also notes Goodman's Senate sponsorship of the Castle Doctrine bill:

Goodman returned to more typical fare this past session - highlighted by his sponsorship of the castle doctrine bill. This legislation, as best as we can tell, is a feel good measure to make NRA folks happy but doesn't really do much, because it bans lawsuits that no one really thinks exist.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they explore his relationship to Marilyn Ruestman.