Friday, June 15, 2007

KOAM: Justice for Juveniles reps won't go on camera

Justice for Juveniles, the group that has been pushing for Memorial Middle School shooter Thomas Gregory White to be returned to juvenile court, had representatives present at today's hearing, according to KOAM.

None of the group would go on air to tell why they believe White, 14, should be tried as as juvenile rather than as an adult, according to KOAM.


Anonymous said...

so what?

Ender said...

I agree with the above poster, if your too lazy to read any of the articles that have been posted in your own towns newspaper why should they have to go on TV. Not to mention the fact that you seem so eager to see a little kid tossed into prision (where there will be a good chance of him getting raped) probably makes them a bit nervous, just guessing.

Anonymous said...

as to endersdragon:
Just because it is posted in the paper doesn't make it true.....a good reporter gets his own scoop.

EAGER to see a little kid get tossed in prison where there is a good chance he will get raped???? HELLO....the kid carried a loaded weapon into the school. It appears that he didn't have very good leaders for parents and IF he does go to prison then that is where HE PUT HIMSELF!!!!!!!

Ender said...

Awww and here comes the lil NAMBLA member to advocate child rape. I never said anything about it being true, the topic was posted about J4J not going before the cameras, I was just saying why should they have to when their opinions are already in the papers, doing so seems redundant.

Aimee said...

'J4J' agreeing to go on camera requires the group to put a face to their organization. Are they ready for that?

I agree anon: I don't care which court he is tried in. If he ends up in jail, he put himself there through his actions.

Ender said...

Aimee, just curious, why do you think we have a juvenile justice system if it is not to be used. The thing is, no matter what he will probably get at jail at 18 and not a day before, do you want to make sure he is treated before then?