Monday, November 12, 2007

Neosho Daily: Rowan Ford's stepfather showed county coroner where he dumped thte body

Neosho Daily News Managing Editor John Ford landed a big story as the media continues to try to uncover the truth about the murder of nine-year-old Rowan Ford.
In his article, posted today on the Daily's website, Ford says Bridges, who used to employ both David W. Spears and Chris Collings, the two men charged with the murder, searched for Rowan along with Spears the day before her body was found:

"I saw some items that brought some suspicions to me," Bridges said. "I wasn't sure what they were. David and I had a conversation about it at that time. It could have been a blanket, it could have been a piece of paper. I haven't seen the list of items that were brought out of that hole. I've been through so much this past week that until I see the recorded transcript - all of our conversations were recorded - but until I see the transcript, I'm not certain.

"I definitely wanted to search the cave and I think, subconsciously, that David did, too. He took me to the cave for some reason."

Bridges told the FBI, the sinkhole was searched and Rowan Ford's body was found the next day.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bridges is trying to take credit for doing nothing