Wednesday, November 14, 2007

McDonald County prosecutor maintains veil of secrecy on dropping of charges in child sex cult case

AP, working overtime in this area lately, has jumped on another story in addition to the ongoing Rowan Ford case.
AP unsuccessfully tried to get McDonald County Prosecuting Attorney Janice Durbin to come clean on why she dropped felony sex charges against Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church pastor Raymond Lambert, his wife Patricia, and sister-in-law Laura Epling earlier this month. Ms. Durbin has refused to tell her bosses, the taxpayers of McDonald County anything:

And McDonald County prosecutor Janice Durbin isn't responding to allegations by an alleged victim's lawyer that she violated victim rights under Missouri law.

Durbin has repeatedly declined to answer questions about why she ended the case. A defense lawyer said last week that it was because the two women who alleged they had been abused as children had stopped cooperating.

But the victim's attorney Erin Willis said that's not true, and that the women wanted to testify at trial. Willis said former members of Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church she represents are "shocked and appalled" that the case was dropped a week before trial.

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Anonymous said...

What is the next rung of the ladder of the chain of command? She needs reported to the State and the Missouri Bar Association!