Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Star editorial: Repair flaws in campaign finance system

In an editorial in today's edition, the Kansas City Star suggests the only reasonable response to Missouri's continuing problems with campaign financing...and it is not removing all contribution limits:

Meanwhile, some Missouri lawmakers are talking about writing a new law that would once again allow unlimited individual contributions.

Some legislators point out that one big contributor, Rex Sinquefield, a retired St. Louis businessman, has worked around campaign finance limits by creating 100 different political action committees that can funnel money from him and other donors to candidates.

Many candidates already benefit from district committees that gather and distribute big donations without much sunshine on the sources of the money.

The holes in the system should be repaired. Missouri needs a law that both sets individual donation limits and requires that all sources of the funding be clearly identified.

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Anonymous said...

How about public campaign financing and drop all the campaign finance reform nostrums continuously offered by our legislators.