Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Former KOAM reporter working in Big Apple

Megan Vega, who began her broadcasting career as a general assignment reporter at KOAM, has hit the Big Apple.
Ms. Vega has been working at WWOR in New York since the summer of 2003. This information about her is provided on the station's website:

From Missouri, Megan moved to Connecticut where she worked as a freelance reporter for six months. In April of 2003, Megan began working as a reporter at WNYW Fox-5 and was transferred to My9 WWOR in the summer.

Megan was born in Brooklyn and was raised in Bergen County, New Jersey. Being a storyteller is all that Megan has ever wanted to do. She decided to become a journalist in fifth grade and after attending Ridgewood High School in New Jersey she attended the University of Massachusetts. She has her degree in Journalism from UMass.


Anonymous said...

Turner why are you so obsessed with tv news reporters and teenage girls. Both the subjects of you repeated posts and past books?

You really freak people out with this weird kind of behavior.

Anonymous said...

I think you are the one with the weird mind annonymous at 1:19pm. Randy just reports news, boy news and girls news.

Anonymous said...

actually anonymous 2:57 p.m., you might be surprised by some of the stories that circulate concerning that very topic.

Anonymous said...

At least Turner does not indulge in the type of character assassination that the first and third comment wallow in. If you have first-hand knowledge that Turner does anything wrong, produce it, but this innuendo is mean-spirited and indicates that it is Mr. Turner's detractors who are obsessed and not Mr. Turner. I haven't stopped to count every story Mr. Turner has put on this website, but I recall far more stories about newspapers and newspaper reporters than TV reporters. For that matter, where are all of the posts about teenage girls you refer to. I don't remember more than a few. If Turner is obsessed with anything, it is lobbyists, special interests, and politicians who put them above their constituents. The only weird behavior I can see comes from people who have nothing better to do than belittle someone who is actually performing a public service and not just sitting around taking anonymous cheap shots. I will readily admit, I'm not willing to put my name on this because I don't have the guts or the patience Mr. Turner has with people who are quite obviously both intellectually and morally inferior to him.