Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AP: Children's services will comply with Newton County subpoenas in Rowan Ford case

An official with the Missouri Department of Social Services told Associated Press today that the department will comply with Newton County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Watson's subpoenas requesting detailed information on multiple hotline calls made to Child Services on behalf of nine-year-old murder victim Rowan Ford of Stella:

Department of Social Services spokesman Ana Margarita Compain-Romero told the AP that she was not aware of the subpoenas but said the department would cooperate fully.

Lyle Sparkman, assistant superintendent of the East Newton School District in rural Newton County, said state law bars him from detailing when the call to the hot line was made, who in the school made it or what abuse was suspected.

“I can confirm that we fulfilled our obligations as mandated reporters. Beyond that I can say no more,” Sparkman told The Associated Press. Rowan was a fourth-grader at the district’s Triway Elementary School in Stella.

Sparkman said state law requires professionals who have contact with children, such as teachers, doctors and day-care providers, to call the hot line if they suspect a child is being abused.

Compain-Romero said she could not confirm the school’s account of a call.


Anonymous said...

Well hey at least they "did there job" no more, no less.

Anonymous said...

misspelled "there" should have been "their". Anyway as they put it they "fullfilled their obligation"