Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bearden adds another client to his roster

Former Rep. Carl Bearden, who has spent most of his brief lobbying career pushing the interests of pro-voucher billionaire Rex Sinquefield, has added an expected client to his list.
Missouri Ethics Commission records indicate that as of Nov. 9, Bearden is the lobbyist for Americans for Prosperity. Bearden recently announced that he is the state director of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

According to the organization's website, this is what it does:

Americans for Prosperity Foundation is a national not-for-profit organization committed to educating citizens about economic policy. Bearden’s first priority will be organizing grassroots leaders and engaging Missouri citizens to advocate public policies that support entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint. Some issues AFPF supports are:

·Cutting taxes and government spending in order to halt the encroachment of government in the economic lives of citizens by fighting proposed tax increases and pointing out evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse.

·Tax and Expenditure Limitations to promote fiscal responsibility.

·Removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and opportunity by sparking citizen involvement in the regulatory process early on in order to reduce red tape.

·Restoring fairness to our judicial system by stemming the tide toward "over-criminalization" of economic activity spurred by over-active attorneys general.

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Anonymous said...

So Randy - is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Oh yeah - I guess you will have to see if his new client supports "vouchers" before you can decide goodness or badness.