Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Huckabee shines during concluding moments of debate

Mike Huckabee was given more time in the waning moments of tonight's debate from the Reagan Library and he blew away his opponents.
The final question posed by moderator Anderson Cooper asked the four remaining GOP candidates if Ronald Reagan would have supported their candidacies.
Mitt Romney, never one for modesty, said Reagan would have supported him.
John McCain, never missing an opportunity to get in a dig at Romney, said Reagan would never have supported someone who changed their views at the drop of a hat.
Ron Paul said Reagan told him he supported a return to the gold standard, something Paul also supports.
Huckabee, the final candidate to speak, said it would be "presumptous" to say Reagan would have supported him, but Huckabee said he wanted to make it clear he supported Reagan, then closed the debate with a stirring recitation of Reagan's belief in the goodness and greatness of America.
For a candidate with little or mo cash on hand, Huckabee continues to know how to get the most out of his free media opportunities.
Now, I will sit back and listen to the pundits exclusively devote their discussion to the testy exchanges between McCain and Romney.


Anonymous said...

Spot on there Randy. CNN's "experts" are ignoring Huckabee's strong performance and talking about McMoron and Mittonald Rumsney. Why are we letting the elites spoon feed us this crap? It's ironic that CNN is trying to push Romney on us even more than Fox News. And lets not even talk about Rush kissing Romney's silver spoon everyday.

Anonymous said...

OK compared to the two front runners Huckabee looked good. But I was blown away by Ron Paul's answer. Nobody but Paul and 4 Republicans supported Reagan against "wip inflation now" Ford. Ron Paul has an order of magnitude more reasons to expect Reagan to support him than the other three. Yet he was modest and honest! this in a debate where Romney and McCain looked like fighting 2 year olds. Huckabee did the complaining but Ron Paul got a lot less time than even Huckabee.

If I have any criticism of Ron Paul it is that he expects too much fairness and intelligence from the American people. We are a greedy selfish bunch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy. Add this link to Huckabee's clip.