Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Post article examines collapse of Giuliani candidacy

An article in today's New York Post examines the collapse of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's presidential candidacy. Giuliani, of course, went from leading in all of the polls to finishing a distant third place in the primary that was supposed to send him on the way to the White House:

After nearly a full year of leading in the polls and dodging early fumbles, his image of electability sank as his poll numbers tumbled.

He faced mountains of negative stories about disgraced ally Bernie Kerik, and spent two weeks punching at shadows over reports alleging that, while mayor, he deliberately hid security expenses related to his then-mistress.

His campaign never got its arms around the story, and it took a visible toll on Giuliani - who then wasted another week dodging questions about a health scare aboard his campaign plane.

When voter concerns shifted from the war to the faltering economy, Giuliani's rationale faded. His bogeyman, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, lost her aura of inevitability.

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