Monday, January 28, 2008

If Blunt returns campaign contributions, how will he do it?

One of the interesting questions that has developed as a result of Gov. Matt Blunt's decision not to seek a second term is what Blunt will do with his $4 million plus in campaign funds.

Rep. Ron Richard told The Carthage Press he had been told by Blunt that all of the money would be returned to contributors, but just how would that be done? Much of the money has been funneled to Blunt's campaign through the laundry system, in other words, through a series of interconnecting committees designed to help candidates bypass campaign contribution limits.

Would the money simply be returned to those committees, for their use. If so, wouldn't that mean it would not really be going back to the people who actually gave the money, those who thought $1,275 was too little?

Obviously, the money cannot be contributed to individual candidates, except, of course, with the constitutional limits in mind.

Perhaps the best solution would be give the money to charity, maybe to an organization that helps people who were victims in the governor's first-year Medicaid cuts.


Anonymous said...

If he gives it to a charity, why not to the McCaskill campaign since she can't pay her debts. That would be a charitable thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I like your thinking Randy!! It would be one of the first times Gov. Blunt helped the needy without an ulterior motive!!

Anonymous said...

What a stupid line of thought. If the money came from committees it should go back to the same committees - period.

Interesting that apparently all the whiners and cryers about the people who didn't qualify for medicaid and lost it haven't taken care of those people. If they had, they wouldn't be whining and crying about it now.

And, oh by the way world class reporter, we do not have Constitutional contribution limits, they are statutory.

Anonymous said...

According to the Globe: First off, Blunt must return about $2.3 million in over-the-limit contributions. After that, Blunt could give to other campaign committees (per limit rules), give to non-profits or return the donations.

If he decides the latter, then they would be returned proportionately. If someone gave a donation that represented 10 percent of donations, then that person would get back 10 percent of whatever was left over.