Saturday, January 26, 2008

AP article indicates Blunt showed little concern for close advisors

Gov. Matt Blunt's dramatic exit from this year's election campaign came as a complete surprise to those who were most closely involved in his campaign...and also came shortly after a Branson planning session in which the governor was totally involved.
An Associated Press article outlines the cavalier way in which Blunt treated those who deserved better:

On the weekend before his State of the State address, Gov. Matt Blunt convened his campaign team for a strategic retreat at a luxury Ozarks resort just south of Branson.
Confidence filled the room. Blunt's trusted advisers discussed a fundraising goal that could have shattered the state record, developed a TV ad blitz to begin airing before spring and honed a campaign message for a competitive challenge from Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon.

Although the Republican governor never said so directly, he left little doubt: Blunt was running for re-election, and he was running to win.

So perhaps no one was more shocked than those in Blunt's inner circle when, just 10 days later, Blunt announced his exit from the race.

"Everyone was convinced we would win this race," said John Hancock, a Republican consultant and pollster who attended the campaign retreat. Hancock, Blunt's campaign spokesman, learned the governor was not running just hours before he publicly announced his decision Tuesday.

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