Sunday, January 27, 2008

Morning Sun addresses elimination of eight jobs

You have to give the Pittsburg Morning Sun credit.
Usually newspapers, which are the first to jump all over any business that won't come clean about layoffs, never publicize any of the inner workings of their own companies.
While understandable, it still makes for a double standard that the reading public is quick to recognize. After word spread about the dismissal of eight workers after GateHouse Media took over the newspaper, the Morning Sun addressed the subject in an article in its Thursday edition:

Editor and Publisher Stephen Wade said that recent changes allowed the newspaper to streamline many of its operations. The eliminated positions were in the newsroom, front office and composing areas.

The article's first paragraph simply said eight jobs had been eliminated. The last paragraph was a description of GateHouse Media, leading you to believe that the release was probably dictated from corporate headquarters in New York.

Nevertheless, at least the readers (and the former employees) were given the decency of acknowledging that those people were there and had lost their jobs. It is a small step forward.

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