Sunday, July 13, 2008

Southwest Missouri Leadership PAC picks up $41,300 during quarter

The Southwest Missouri Leadership PAC, formerly the Nodler Leadership PAC, collected $41,300 in contributions during the second quarter, according to documents filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The committee gave $25,000 to the Senate Majority Fund, the documents indicated.

Top contributors to the PAC were EthelMae Humphreys of TAMKO and Empire District Electric Company, with both giving $10,000.

Others contributing were:
-Life Sciences Fund of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce $7,500
-Freeman Physicians Group PAC, Joplin, $1,500
-Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, $1,000
-Ameristar Casino, St. Charles, $1,000
-Myers Properties, Joplin, $1,500
-Sara V. Newman, Joplin, $2,000
-Electric Motor Supply, Joplin, $1,500
-Paula Baker, Ozark Center, Joplin, $1,500
-Doris Carlin Team, Joplin, $1,000
-Supporters of Health Research, St. Louis, $2,500
-Missouri Eagle LLC, Lebanon, $100
-John Twity, Springfield City Utilities, $200


Anonymous said...

So you're saying that Nodler, with "help" from this PAC, just received 7,500 from a stem cell group? Say it isn't so!

I know he won't be getting my vote when MoRTL endorses him as a pro-life candidate.

Anonymous said...

These are not contributions to Nodler. This group changed from the Nodler Leadership PAC to the Southwest Leadership PAC more than a year ago. Nodler is in his second and final term and has achieved the leadership position he sought. The group now has a focus on helping others from Southwest Missouri reach leadership such as Rep. Ron Richard and Senator Jack Goodman. So to make you feel better..."it aint so", In fact the Nodler campaign has never recieved contributions from the Nodler Leadership PAC or the Southwest Leadership PAC. These funds have always gone to other candidates who supported Nodler for Leadership.