Friday, August 29, 2008

Hulshof reports more than $1.1 million on first day without campaign contribution limits

Special interests came through in a big way for Congressman Kenny Hulshof Thursday, the day that a new state law tossed out campaign contribution limits.
The Republican gubernatorial candidate picked up $1,185,000 with more than half of the total, $600,000, coming from the Republican Governors Association.

Southwest Missouri interests were front and center for Hulshof, led by Jerry Hall of Jack Henry & Associates, Monett, who kicked in $100,000. Hulshof also picked up $25,000 from Neosho banker Rudy Farber, whose big bucks for Republican causes led Gov. Matt Blunt to appoint him to the Transportation Commission, $13,300 from the Newton County Republican Central Committee, and $20,000 from Jerry Wells, Carthage, of Moark.

Other first-day contributors were:

Schnucks, $25,000, Metro Heart Group of St. Louis, $10,000; Southern Union Company, Houston, Texas, $7,375; Howard Wood, Bonne Terre, Cequel III, $100,000; L. B. Eckelcamp, Bank of Washington, $20,000; Lewis and Clark Regional Leadership Fund, St. Charles, $50,000; Samuel Hais, St. Louis (Blunt appointment to Missouri Gaming Commission), $20,000; Stephen Notestine, St. Louis, $10,000; William McGinnis, Nestle Purina Pet Care, St. Louis, $10,000; James McDonnell, St. Louis, retired, $20,000; James Ross, RCS Inc., $10,000; Boone County Republican Central Committee, $13,200; 24th Legislative District, Columbia, $13,450; 24th Senatorial District Committee, Maryland Heights, $13,181 (in-kind); AG Processing, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, $10,000; Drury Development Corporation, $20,000; Bill Holekamp, Holekamp Construction, $50,000

At this point, no contributions of $5,000 or more have been reported by Hulshof's opponent, Attorney General Jay Nixon.


Brian Simpson said...

What do you have against individuals exercising their first amendment rights to free speech? Would you also support legislation that would limit the number of words that someone could type/speak about a particular candidate?

Anonymous said...

By gosh we do have the best politicans money can buy.

Those that contribute expect and will receive what they want in return, be it Demos or Repugs.

What a system. The little guy that only has a vote has no representation. Its all about money, big money.

Sooner or later this system of ours will collapse, and the way its going, it will be sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Randy, you have made a serious and false charge. You have said that Rudy Farber's big bucks to Republicans caused Governor Blunt to appoint him to the highway commission. It is true that he has given big bucks and it is true that he was appointed, but it is also true that he is a gifted business man who earned big bucks because of his skill and intelligence and abilities. The governor appointed him because of those characteristics. It is so typical of you to just throw out charges like this with no proof, no research, and in this case no truth. There is one word for your comment, “slander”.

Randy said...

To Anonymous 6:21: If you really believe that a banker who had given no contributions to Matt Blunt would ever have been considered for the Transportation Commission, you are out of touch with reality. While I have no doubt Rudy Farber is an intelligent, capable businessman, his big bucks were his chief qualification.