Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sen. Justus: It's cool that Claire is sitting with us

Sen. Jolie Justus, D-Kansas City, continues to provide information from the Democratic National Convention on her blog, Fresh Meat. Ms. Justus says the Missouri delegation offers a who's who of big-time Missouri Democrats, including Sen. Claire McCaskill, who not only had a major speech Monday night, but who spoke briefly tonight:

I think it's cool that Claire is sitting with us. I'm sure she could secure VIP seating elsewhere. Auditor Montee, Secretary Carnahan and Congressmen Cleaver and Skelton have been sitting with us common folk too. The party faithful representing Missouri here in Denver work hard to get these folks elected. It's nice to see they remember the hard work that brought them here.

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Anonymous said...

Senator McCaskill spoke of the elected folks that were seated with them in the Missouri delegation, and said they were "sitting with us common folks".

Senator, we are all common folks, including those of you who were elected.

Keep in mind everyone coughs, sneezes and poops and have smelly armpits just the same. A title makes no difference in the person.

I think sometimes they forget this.