Saturday, August 30, 2008

TAMKO owners shovel $300,000 into Kinder campaign

Apparently, free speech is for those who can afford it.

Those like columnist George Will who oppose campaign contribution limits claim they are a violation of the First Amendment because they limit free speech.

The Humphreys family of Joplin, which owns TAMKO, exercised its free speech to the tune of $300,000 given to the re-election campaign of Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. David Humphreys and EthelMae Humphreys of Joplin and Sarah Humphreys Atkins, Arlington, Va., each chipped in with $100,000.

The $300,000 was nearly three-quarters of the $407,400 Kinder reported in a filing tonight with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Others contributing to Kinder were:

Stone Leyton and Gershman, St. Louis $10,000; William Holekamp, Holekamp Capital, St. Louis, $25,000; Jerry Hall, Jack Henry & Associates, Monett, $20,000; L. B. Eckelcamp, $12,400; Menlo Smith, Sunmark Capital Corporation, $10,000; White Oaks Real Estate, $10,000; James McDonnell III, St. Louis, $10,000; Evergreen Investments, Lebanon, $10,000

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