Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nixon: Blunt's reckless policies led to repeal of campaign contribution limits

Today marks the first day of the new wild west environment of campaign financing in Missouri.
Well-heeled contributors can now contribute unlimited amounts to their favored candidates. The repeal was criticized by Attorney General Jay Nixon in a release to supporters of his candidacy for governor:

Gone. Vanished. No more.

Today, because of the reckless policies of the current administration, Missouri's campaign contribution limits have disappeared. Earlier this year, Matt Blunt and his allies ignored the strong support Missouri voters have shown for contribution limits and re-wrote the law, allowing the special interests to cut checks of any amount. That new law becomes effective today. Immediately, we expect to see massive contributions from wealthy Washington, D.C., groups begin to flow into Congressman Hulshof's campaign coffers.

The Nixon letter called for contributions of $10, $25, or $50.

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Anonymous said...

Reckless policies? Nixon is such a hypocrite. Things I find "reckless" are his bogus and faulty-number health care plan, and his baseless attacks on the GOP.