Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin nomination shows the narrow-mindedness of radical left feminists

Those who espouse right-wing conservative views are constantly criticized by those on the left as being narrow-minded when it comes to social issues.

When it comes to the issue of abortion, the left's tunnel vision has been such that it simply cannot tolerate any view other than any abortion is a good abortion.

So naturally, when John McCain chose an anti-abortion female, Alaksa Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate, the orthodox left wing chorus started saying that she will not pry female votes from Barack Obama. Because Sarah Palin has the "wrong" stance on abortion, she will not tear any of those 18 million Hillary Clinton glass ceiling voters away from the Democratic Party.

How arrogant and what an insult to women.

To say that "real" women are all what is euphemistically called "pro-choice," is marginalizing millions of women, across the United States and not just those who are staunchly anti-abortion. It also shoves all of the women who support abortion, but who have serious reservations about late-term abortions, into the enemy camp.

It is the type of arrogant high-handedness that pushed many traditional Democratic party regulars, including numerous blue collar workers and those whose religions teach them that abortion is wrong, into the GOP camp.

Don't tell me that many women will not give Sarah Palin a second thought because she is firmly anti-abortion. My guess is there are some people who supported Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy who will find much to like about John McCain and Sarah Palin.

There are feminist issues which draw nearly universal agreement from women, such as "equal pay for equal work." Abortion is not an issue that can so easily be put into that category. Someone can truly be a feminist and be an object of pride for females without falling into line behind the all-abortion, all-the-time camp.

The issue of abortion is a difficult one in the United States. It has been distressing to see it become just about the only issue that matters when it comes to approving Supreme Court justices.

If it becomes the focus of the presidential race, we will all suffer because of other critical issues that are always shoved to the curb whenever abortion becomes the discussion topic.

If that happens in this historic 2008 election, we will end up being exposed to nothing but far right and far left bickering. If that happens, the American people will be the losers.


Clark said...

Randy, Sarah Palin is not just against abortion, she opposes it in all circumstances, including in cases of rape and incest. That's a pretty far-right position unlikely to win over diehard Hillary supporters.

You can also turn your own criticism of "radical left feminists" around on McCain. McCain could have selected several women of much greater accomplishment, like Susan Collins, Condoleeza Rice, or Kay Bailey Hutchison, as his vice-presidential nominee. Unfortunately for them, they're all pro-choice, and the right wing of the GOP wouldn't have stood for any of them on the ticket.

Can you actually link to examples of feminists who discuss Palin's views on abortion to exclusion of all other women's issues?

Anonymous said...

Jason said...

Top notch post, Randy. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Best post of the season. Congrats Randy.

Anonymous said...

Why WOULD Hillary supporters turn to someone who is their idealogical opposite? In this case, the GOP is insulting women by thinking this will work. As a woman, I think other women take a lot more into consideration when casting their ballots than whether the candidate possesses a vagina.