Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blunt employing throw everything at Robin and hope something sticks strategy

I am having a hard time understanding the campaign strategy of Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt. In the accompanying video, Blunt apparently wants us to be deeply offended because Robin Carnahan said she wasn't going to tell the people of New York what to do about the construction of  a mosque in the Ground Zero area and she didn't want New Yorkers to tell us what to do in Missouri.

The Blunt philosophy seems to be that government needs to stop interfering in our lives unless government interference can help Roy Blunt, his friends, or his campaign.

Over the past few days, the Blunt team has bombarded YouTube with a series of ads supposedly depicting Robin Carnahan as saying and doing shameful things. A whole ad posted yesterday centered around Robin speaking to a Utah group and describing Missouri as a "weird, swing state."

Note to Roy Blunt- Missouri IS a weird swing state and we ought to be proud of it.

This campaign strategy to keep on throwing one lame accusation after another at Robin Carnahan and hoping something sticks is an insult to Missouri voters.


Anonymous said...

It would be hard for me to express how sick I am of listening to politicians who, before 9/11, couldn't say enough BAD things about NYC constantly going on and on about what shouldn't happen there.

I'm also sick and tired of people using 9/11 as a political issue. I find this way, way more offensive than a mosque at ground zero.

Charles Johnson said... (sorry 'bout the pdf)

Well, when even Kos is starting to write Carnahan off, your whining is a bit hilarious.

How long before you claim Missouri is a racist, bigoted state?

Anonymous said...

Hoping something sticks?? You don't think Obama's comments about having/needing her vote don't clearly brand Carnahan as a lemming Democrat? That's all Blunt has to do to win -- keep hammering her about her ties to Obama and support for his radical agenda, and she's toast.