Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Republicans inexplicably continue to attack Carnahan on lobbyists

The Republican party has the perfect strategy to combat Robin Carnahan in November- continue the ads attacking the secretary of state as Rubber Stamp Robin and associating her with President Barack Obama.

Yet, inexplicably, the GOP continues to bring up the subject of lobbyists, something which makes no sense when Carnahan's opponent is a man whose political career and family life is loaded with connections to lobbyists- Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt.

To recap, Blunt's rapid rise to the top of the House Republican Caucus came primarily because of the money he raised for fellow House Republicans' campaigns, most of which came from lobbyists and their clients through Blunt's leadership PAC, Rely on Your Beliefs.

Add to that, the fact that Blunt went to Washington married to one woman and ended up divorcing and marrying another, a powerful K Street lobbyist, and the reality that his children are raking in big bucks as lobbyists, and you would think the L word is one Blunt would be wise to avoid.

Instead Blunt and the Missouri GOP are tossing the word around like it could do more harm to Carnahan than to Blunt. The following news release was issued today:

Who is the number one recipient of lobbyist cash in Congress during the 2010 election cycle?

Hint: He also voted for the 2008 economic rescue package known as TARP.

The answer is Harry Reid—not Roy Blunt, as Robin Carnahan has falsely alleged in her latest negative attack ad.

Bonus answer: The #2 and #3 recipients of lobbyist cash are Blanche Lincoln and Charles Schumer, both of whom also voted for TARP.

But Robin Carnahan has not labeled Reid, Lincoln, or Schumer “the very worst of Washington.” Instead, they are Carnahan’s Washington allies who have actually contributed to her campaign and whose agenda she would rubberstamp.

“Robin Carnahan is desperately attempting to cover up the fact that she wants to go to Washington to rubberstamp the reckless Obama agenda. She has no new ideas about how to create jobs or get the economy moving again, so she has resorted to deceitful, untrue, and hypocritical attacks,” said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “Carnahan’s attacks have no basis in reality. The truth is, Carnahan’s liberal Washington allies are actually the top recipients of lobbyist cash, and Carnahan herself has taken money from lobbyists. But after a recent survey shows her trailing by 11 points, Carnahan has become so desperate that she is willing to tell any lie or spread any falsehood to deceive Missourians into voting for her.”

At issue is Carnahan’s newest ad, entitled “Mug,” which falsely accused Roy Blunt of being the top recipient of lobbyist contributions in Congress. The truth is, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the top recipients of lobbyist contributions are Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, and Charles Schumer. What’s worse: Robin Carnahan has actually taken contributions for each of these members of Congress, and she too has taken campaign contributions from lobbyists.

Further complicating Carnahan’s argument is the fact that the money has taken from Reid, Lincoln, and Schumer has come from their Leadership PACs, despite the fact that Carnahan pretends to oppose this practice.

For those keeping score at home:

-Robin Carnahan is attacking Roy Blunt for taking money from lobbyists, even though Carnahan has also taken money from lobbyists.

-Carnahan falsely accused Roy Blunt of being the top recipient of lobbyist donations in Congress, even though the real top three recipients are Carnahan’s Washington allies and contributors—Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, and Chuck Schumer.

-Reid, Lincoln, and Schumer each voted for TARP, which Robin Carnahan said was "absolutely" necessary, yet she attacks Roy Blunt for the very same vote.

-Carnahan accepted money from the Leadership PACs of Reid, Lincoln, and Schumer, even though she pretends to oppose the practice.

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