Tuesday, August 31, 2010

McCaskill one of 50 wealthiest in Congress

In an article posted today, The Hill notes that the 50 richest members of Congress increased their wealth even at a time when the country is having severe financial problems.

One of those 50, ranking at number 17, is Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

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Unknown said...

Ms. McCaskill will not diclose the family assets in total. Her husband's tax returns are off limits, like the offshore accounts funded by Medicare and Medicaid. Ms. McCaskill knows what is best for all of us. Ms. McCaskill said that she would not vote for the Obama Care Bill if it increased the deficit. Now it is clear from CBO that the Bill causes a massive increase in the deficit. Do we hear her calling for the repeal? No, we hear her saying she knows best and the people of MO lack the foresight unique to Big Govt Obama Democrats. Ms. McCaskill is a charter and sustaining member of the Big Govt Obama Democrats. She is a sure vote anytime they need her. She will take a pass from Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid when they do not need her vote and play the maverick. When Pres. Obama and Sen. Reid do need her vote, she develops her unique foresight. Hear it now

Let's replace her with a Missourian who respects the will of the people in 2012