Friday, August 06, 2010

Cynthia Davis: I would have won if people outside my district knew me

Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O-Fallon shows no signs of humility (or grace) in her first capital report since losing the Second District State Senate primary to incumbent Scott Rupp Tuesday. Of course, she would have been elected, she notes, if only the people outside of her district had a chance to get to know her or if not for all of that nasty negative campaigning:

Thanks to each of you who came out and voted. I will not be moving to the Senate, but I will continue to serve my district with the same amount of gusto to which you have been accustomed for the past eight years until I leave this office at the end of December. You can be confident that the same quality service which has been my hallmark will continue through the end of my term. I was honored to know that the residents of our district overwhelmingly supported the idea of my continued service as a senator. Unfortunately, there were more people outside our district who were unfamiliar with me and were easily misled by all the negative campaigning.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she should have used hunger as a motivator.

Anonymous said...

The reign of Dolly Parton Davis is about over. Whoopee!

Anonymous said...

Thats really funny. Cynthia mailed out 8 mailers and 7 of the 8 trashed Sen. Rupp, and she attacked him in every interview, forum and speech.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the people outside of your representative district knew you, Cindy.

You had the highest negative ratings of any candidate in the Senate races.

Them folks wanted no part of you representing them in the Missouri Senate.

I pity the local school districts and municipal govennments now that you have more time to be stupid at their pulpits.

Anonymous said...

The next General Assembly will celebrate by declaring a new state holiday, "No More Cindy Day."

Anonymous said...

Goodman is about gone.

Cindy is gone.

Now if we can just get rid of John Putnam.

Anonymous said...

We had a nutcase like Cindy back in the 80s who served briefly, got a divorce worked for UPS for a while, moved, moved back and is seen from time to time at political events. Ole what's-her-name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Representative Davis,

We, collectively, looked forward with great anticipation of serving with you in the Missouri General Assembly eight years ago.

After eight years we, collectively, can say we looked forward with greater anticipation of not having to serve with you again.

Enjoy your pension.

Best regards,

The Southwest Delegation

Desdinova said...

Yeah, Cynthia Davis does remind me of Jeanne Dixon. So does Jane Cunningham.

The good news for Cynthia is that McDonalds is hiring. I understand they give the employees free food.

Anonymous said...

TO 12;31PM-- i'm fed up with him and agree--- we need to get rid of john putnam- what a goober

Anonymous said...


Well now you have insulted every respectable goober in the Missouri.

Has anyone told him the wig and colonial style clothing is a little too gay for Jasper County?

Anonymous said...

Yes, vehement, mean spirited, anti-gay crusader one term Jeanne Dixon who left office with egg on her face when it was learned her son was in fact, gay.

The son has since been filled with the holy spirit (and the desire for a political career himself) so there was an amazing transformation.

Representative Bob Dixon has been healed of his gayness and his political career has been besmirched with anti-gay monkey business, like a constitutional amendment he supported to protect his hetero marriage from his old gay buddies.

Now his eye is on the prize-Aunt Norma's state senate job.

Anonymous said...

Senator Rupp is an imposter. He cheated on his first wife while in Jeff City.