Friday, August 06, 2010

State Democratic Party rips into Ed Martin

The Congressional battle between incumbent Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-Mo. and his Republican challenger, former Matt Blunt chief of staff Ed Martin promises to be a vicious one and the Missouri Democratic Party has fired an early shot in this news release issued today:

Although Ed Martin has been preparing for his upcoming race to be Missouri's most corrupt politician, he has got a lot of work to do uniting his own party before he can even think about the General Election in November. Candidate Ed Martin barely squeaked by in his primary this week with a threadbare majority of 52% amongst Jefferson County Republicans and an unimpressive overall vote of less than 2/3rds of the 3rd district Republican primary voters.

“Ed Martin talks a good game, but as the leading Republican candidate with supposedly the biggest advantage over his opponents, his lackluster finish exposes serious questions about him amongst his own party faithful. His weak showing on Tuesday reveals his level of support with real voters to be as big a sham as he is,” said Missouri Democratic Party Communications Director Ryan Hobart. “Maybe as Matt Blunt's political hatchet-man, Ed Martin has burned so many bridges within his own party that it's only a matter of time before even more Republicans realize that he is the wrong choice for their party and for Missourians. Once the facts about Ed Martin are exposed, including his record of bending the rules for his own benefit at the expense of taxpayers, I wouldn't be surprised if they asked for their vote back.”

The numbers don't lie, which is why it is easy to see Ed Martin doesn't have the full backing of his own party. From tarnishing the Matt Blunt administration and resigning in disgrace to firing poll workers because they were not “Republican enough,” it is clear Ed Martin's notorious legacy among his own party is a liability that will haunt him this November.


Anonymous said...

You can rip him, you can tip him,you can try to slip it to him but 'Fast Eddy' is going to shine against 'Slow Russ' in the General Election.

That's part of the reason his sis is going to go down in defeat.

Anonymous said...

He's a blight on the Republican Party. He only serves to divide Americans further, and he's the very dangerous combination of crazy and stupid. I'm a Republican, and I'm sick of corrupt representatives making us look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Manuel Cleaver is not a Republican.

Haint said...

Martin has run a nasty, vicious and desperate campaign. Most of the interactions I've had with his supporters have felt like I was talking to cult members who have ingested every lie Martin could manufacture. They have little regard for the facts, much less reality.

Martin behaved shamefully as Blunt's Chief of Staff and he has behaved shamefully as a candidate. why should we expect any better of him as Representative?

Anonymous said...


I do not disagree with what you are saying. But, Russ is slow. Russ is a slow thinker, doer, and a tad bit lazy.

He wants others to do the work for him in Congress, in a campaign, in life.

We need a better candidate than Martin but not near as much as we need a new Congressman.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative and there is no way I will be voting for Ed Martin. The GOP should not have picked a disgraceful candidate such as Martin to run for this seat. Its bad enough he is not even from the District but instead was born and raised in New Jersey.

There are a couple good 3rd party candidates that conservative voters will be supporting simply because we don't want another future career politician in congress. Even if that means we have to put up with the doofus known as Russ Carnahan.

Voters who chose Martin I'm sure will be wishing they had picked someone else in Nov. Martin cannot carry the majority of the Conservative base.