Monday, August 23, 2010

Hartzler rips Skelton for "deceptive TV ad"

Fourth District Congressional candidate Vicky Hartzler fired back at incumbent Ike Skelton following the release of what she terms as a "deceptive TV ad."

Desperate to hold onto a seat once thought of as safe but now considered up for grabs Congressman Ike Skelton and those doing his bidding in the Democrat Party continue using a deceptive TV ad to distort the General Assembly voting record of Republican Vicky Hartzler.

A retired member of the United States military has had enough of these lies about her military votes. Colonel Dick Hobbs, USMC (Retired), who served as Commander of the Marines at Fort Leonard Wood from 1999-2002, is calling on Congressman Skelton to stop the attacks on his opponent.

"Vicky's conservative values match mine," said Colonel Hobbs. "She has spent her time listening to us, not Nancy Pelosi and the radicals in Washington, D.C. I am confident that Vicky, whose father was a member of the Army Reserves for many years, will take care of our veterans because she understands the challenges faced by those of us who have served and are serving."

Colonel Hobbs, who served his country for more than 28 years, is disappointed in the 17 term congressman.

"I never thought Congressman Skelton would resort to such despicable politics," said Colonel Hobbs. "He has been a friend of the military for years, but many veterans are losing faith in him as a representative of our Missouri values. Instead of fighting for us and against the Washington bailouts, the Pelosi-driven agenda and the socialist approach to health care he turns to deceptive operations and negative politics by twisting the truth about his opponent, Vicky Hartzler. It's time for this kind of campaigning to stop"

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