Thursday, April 28, 2011

Billy Long on Obama birth certificate: He found his birth certificate, can he find the Constitution?

It did not take long for Seventh District Congressman Billy Long to provide his spin on President Barack Obama's release of his birth certificate. Long tweeted the following comment:

And for his next Act" - Now that he found his Birth Certificate can he find a copy of The Constitution?


Timeshare Jake said...

Considering Long's war against the First Amendment upon taking office, Long doesn't have the ethos to call another politician out on following the Constitution.

Busplunge said...

We know where Billy's it.... it's in his pocket, it's been rode hard and put away wet.

Now it's all sticky...

Maybe this is Billy's Cialis moment?

BillSupporter said...

Busplunge, must I remind you it's not nice to make fun of the impaired! Besides, Long might be taken literally: he may believe the President is hiding the Constitution, and he (Long) is courageously leading the call for its restoration.

Or, perhaps you're right and he's just an uninformed clown who is a disgrace to elective office in Missouri.

But we should give him the benefit of the lout -- er, doubt