Friday, April 29, 2011

McCaskill to Joplin eighth grader: NCLB demands lead to harmful focus on test scores

One of my eighth grade students at East Middle School, Rylee Hartwell, recently started his own blog, the Hartwell Observer, and landed an interview this week with Sen. Claire McCaskill, centering around the topid of education. In the interview, she offered some criticism of the federal No Child Left Behind law, including this observation:

I certainly understand and agree with the idea that all children should be expected to achieve a standard level of knowledge in the classroom, but I fear that the current demands for everyone to reach proficiency can lead to a harmful focus on test scores rather than providing a solid education. Teachers everywhere discuss the pressure to “teach to the test.” I think we should instead be focused on making sure that all children are on the path to be successful in college or in their chosen career, and that we are teaching not just reading and math, but other subjects, as well.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Claire, I agree with you. One of the main subjects which should be taught is deficit spending by government. But, it will take teachers who understand the problem before it can be taught.

Our children must understand the magnitude of the debt we are passing on to them and future generations.

And Claire, you should lead by example.