Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National attention focused on MSSU firing of T. R. Hanrahan

The firing of Missouri Southern State University newspaper adviser T. R. Hanrahan is receiving some national attention, thanks to an article on the Student Press Law Center website:

T.R. Hanrahan, the Missouri College Media Association’s 2010 Adviser of the Year, said the decision was “not unexpected, but odd.” His students discovered he had been left off the fall schedule of classes before he found out Thursday he would be let go.

The department head told him they were going to go in a “different direction.” However, Hanrahan said, Department of Communications chair J.R. Moorman has been vocal in his support of the newspaper.

“How did I get so bad at my job in 12 months?” Hanrahan said. “Somehow my boss, in letting me go, praised my performance and said, ‘We’re going in a different direction.’ That doesn’t sound to me like it was made at the department level. To my knowledge he’s been nothing but supportive."


Anonymous said...

different directions!??? what does that mean, Moorman? and where is the dean of arts and sciences in all of this? Richard Miller... what a bunch of idiots...

Anonymous said...

If I were Moorman, I would be incensed to think that these decisions "to go in another direction" were made for me, instead of by me. So, if he truly didn't make this decision himself, he should show some solidarity and resign. And so should Dr. Stebbins, as it is my understanding (I don't work there, this is hearsay) that Dr. Stebbins was instrumental in bringing Hanrahan to MSSU to begin with. Of course, this might be over-zealous, and these fine professors might find themselves out of a job, but they should have the balls to do it anyway to make a point. After all, it is Dr. Stebbins son, Brennan, who wrote most of the "errant" articles, right? Otherwise, they both appear to be spineless lackeys for a run-away administration and board of governors.
But maybe this is OK with both of these fine people, and they can sleep well knowing that they are doing their jobs judiciously.

Lord HawHaw said...

Evidently, the Chart sponsor was fired because, as Dr. Moorman said, "We're going in another direction." Has no one asked what direction that might be?

Are we going to publish only stories friendly to Bruce Speck and Dwight Douglas? Are we going to publish only excerpts from old "I Love Lucy" scripts? Are we going to change the name of the school paper to Pravda or Izvestia? (For the youngsters, those papers were the voice of the Soviet Union during the cold war.)

What direction can Moorman have in mind that "arranges" the news, as the Globe's publisher has agreed to do? What direction might he be thinking of that shields the president and board from any tough questions or outright criticism?

Newspapers, Professor Moorman, are supposed to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable! You and your department should get back to basics, and CONTINUE the Chart's tough investigative ways. It's the only way to redeem yourself from the disgust of your colleagues and the ostracism you will surely suffer now.

Finally, where was A.J. Anglin in all this? The friend of the faculty? The advocate for academic freedoms? A.J., if you will ever regain your self-respect, it's time you stand up to B.S. and defend what you know is right!