Friday, October 12, 2012

Todd Akin: There's no science behind evolution

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

Yesterday, Todd Akin once again demonstrated his backward understanding of settled science, telling supporters at a Tea Party meeting in Jefferson City, “I don’t see [evolution] as even a matter of science.” Akin’s comments came on the same night that Daily Show host Jon Stewart devoted three minutes to skewering Akin for his uninformed beliefs on reproductive anatomy. The irony, as Stewart highlighted, is that Akin sits on the House Committee on Science and Technology.

“It’s unsettling that Todd Akin helps to shape science policy in Congress when he wrongly believes scientists are wrong about science,” said Erik Dorey, McCaskill for Missouri spokesman. “In Todd Akin’s eyes, science is only legitimate when it fits his outside-the-mainstream worldview, and that’s not a notion most Missourians can get behind.”

As reported this morning at Think Progress, audio of yesterday’s Jefferson City Tea Party meeting captured Akin’s response to a question about evolutionary science:

“I don’t see it as even a matter of science because I don’t know that you can prove one or the other. That’s one of those things. We can talk about theology and all of those other things but I’m basically concerned about, you’ve got a choice between Claire McCaskill and myself. My job is to make the thing there. If we want to do theoretical stuff, we can do that, but I think I better stay on topic.”

On The Daily Show last night, Stewart skewered Akin for relying on junk science to inform his now-infamous statement that female bodies have ways of shutting down pregnancy during “legitimate rape.” Watch here [via TPM].

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